Do you and your sales and marketing leadership teams understand why media commitments will become a critical component of future retail negotiations? Do you understand how Google’s elimination of cookies will make retail data increasingly valuable?  What is a media DSP and why is Walmart launching one?  Why you are or will be facing pressure from Amazon to begin investing in display media on top of your Sponsored Ads campaigns?  Can you name the 5 contributing forces of ROI for retailer media to help shape Marketing investment priorities? Are best-in-class advertisers using the same agency across Target and Instacart? Do you want to understand why your Walmart Connect ROI’s look lower than your Amazon ROI’s? Do you need guidance on how to up-skill your organization to handle internal and external media budget negotiations as well as media planning and agency selection and management?

At Simpactful, we know your time is valuable – and that you crave practical knowledge and pragmatic solutions from practitioners who understand the challenges you face.  We are pleased to announce that Heather Burgess, Senior Consultant, and former Amazon Advertising Global Client Lead, has partnered with e-commerce experts, Lynn Ryan and Kyle Gustafson to offer a new executive training, “Understanding  Retailer Media in the Marketplace.”.  In this session, you will get an introduction to the forces behind the rapid expansion to Retailer Media and begin to understand the imminent strategic implications for the work and collaboration across Sales and Marketing organizations. Initial client feedback has been positive:

“Not only will retail negotiations shift from a focus on relationships to analytics, but we also need sales resources who understand how to drive demand using digital media.”

“It has been clear for a while that sales and product supply need to be working in lock-step to win in e-commerce, but the big ah-ha for me today is that we need the same emphasis on Sales and Marketing which was not clear until now.”

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