By Simpactful Senior Consultants, Jan Grammerstorf and Becky Merrill

Our industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges following the global pandemic. As a result, companies are changing faster than ever, with restructures, cost-cutting, spin-offs of business segments/brands, and more. As companies manage these complexities and challenges, great change management plans are critical. It often starts with a strong onboarding program, followed with ongoing capability development, to ensure employees can be personally supported and set up to succeed through the change. With an energized, focused, and capable employee base, your company will deliver on the promise of change.

The business case for well-designed change management onboarding programs, and continuing capability development programs is compelling: Only 12% of people say their companies are doing a good job of onboarding. Companies who do invest in a standardized onboarding and development process experience 62% greater new hire productivity. 87% of employees are less likely to leave a company when they are engaged workers.

Effective onboarding acclimates employees to company or team culture, engages them early, teaches effective business processes, encourages commitment, and ultimately, drives retention. If done well, formal onboarding can leave a lasting positive imprint on the hearts and minds of employees for the duration of their tenure.

Following the onboarding, ongoing capability development is key to driving employee performance, as well as loyalty.

Simpactful can help. We’ve built successful onboarding and change management programs for multiple clients. Our program ensures employees quickly understand the new organization plan, their team, their roles, the culture, and more. We then partner on onboarding processes, content, and capability grounded in your company culture, and skills needed to build customized content with simple frameworks and relevant case examples. Our skilled Learning & Development trainers work with you on the change management plan, and pair with experienced experts who help to close content and process gaps using real-world experiences.

Client feedback is consistently strong:

  • “This is the most organized onboarding approach of any company I have ever worked for in my career.”
  • “Of all the things we’ve done recently, people most often comment about our onboarding and change management approach as best in class.”
  • “Your Brand Building training was the perfect addition to our quarterly global meetings.”
  • “Today’s training and workshop delivered both insightful inspiration with relevant case examples, and practical frameworks and facilitation to help us create stronger plans for the remainder of the year.”

Sample Simpactful Onboarding and Capability Experts:

Jan Grammerstorf, Senior Consultant: Jan has over 30 years of experience leading high performing, multifunctional business teams across multiple CPG companies, and specializes in Commercial Onboarding and Capability Development. He has guest lectured at Wharton.

Becky Merrill, Senior Consultant: Becky has over 20 years of experience owning & implementing North American New Hire Training and Development programs, as well as leading sales teams in multiple go-to-market businesses.

Heather Burgess, Senior Partner: Heather was known as a key thought leader at Procter & Gamble where she led the development of Brand Building, Innovation Big Idea, and Innovation Frameworks, trained over 5,000 global employees, and conducted 60+ workshops. She has lectured at Wharton, The University of Rochester, and the University of New Hampshire.

Mindel Klein, Consultant: Mindel led Global Marketing Digital Transformation for Colgate-Palmolive during the past 20+ years. There, she continually up-skilled 1500 global marketers to ensure they were adopting the latest digital tools and best practices.

Neal Dellett, Senior partner: Neal developed a deep expertise in End-to-End Supply Chain Management and Continuous Improvement during a 28-year career at Procter & Gamble, where he was widely held as the company’s Supply Network Global Expert on Continuous Improvement practices. He has trained and coached over 200 Process Improvement, Problem Solving, and Value Stream teams.

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