By Mike Russell, Simpactful Senior Partner

“Are you ready to make the ‘Impossible, The Possible’ at Walmart?” That is the challenge Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, made on stage to their Walmart associates, suppliers, shareholders, and partners at the May 31st shareholder meeting. It did not hurt to have Tom Cruise on stage via cell phone to assist Doug in selling the pitch based on his Mission Impossible mega brand.

Doug’s challenge was a great way to get all stakeholders aligned to what is possible in today’s highly competitive retail market. For over half a century, Walmart has proven they know how to do the impossible again and again. The company’s relentless focus on investing in innovation, technology, and associates in service of shoppers is paying dividends.

Walmart has come out of the post-COVID business environment with major momentum. In the last 3 years, they have added $125 Billion in sales across their global enterprise. For context, it took Walmart 35 years to get to $125 Billion in sales! Walmart now does $611 Billion in sales annually with aggressive plans to grow however and wherever their shoppers shop.

Did your company get your fair share of that +$125 Billion in sales growth at Walmart? Are you positioned for long-term growth at Walmart? Do you have the metrics to understand if you are getting the ROI you need to invest with Walmart?

We have clients who have taken major share ground in this new Walmart environment. Simpactful has helped numerous senior leaders and their teams on the ground with strategies and plans to win at Walmart. We have also guided them on simple and impactful changes to both organizational structure and workflow processes that enable them to more effectively and systemically meet the needs required for a strong Walmart partnership.

Are your company and your Walmart business leaders in a position to take ground in this critical and positive environment?

Walmart is no longer just a brick and mortar retailer with Omnichannel capability! Doug and his team have brought to life his vision and can now confidently claim:

“We are a people-led, tech-powered Omnichannel retailer.”

The company relies on associates to spark innovation and is using technology in the service of people to help customers and members save money and live better. Walmart’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence programs have been in place for years, fueling supply chain efficiency, in-store operations, and personalized shopper recommendations. Big data and cloud computing capability are now enabling intelligent experiments that can benefit not only shoppers but associates as well. These investments in technology and people are what Walmart believes will help them break boundaries and make the impossible possible.

Our combined team of brand and retail experts have the Walmart expertise and experience to help your company win in this ever-changing, high growth environment. We deeply understand Walmart’s business planning model and evolving use of technology across their ecosystem and functions. With this expertise, we can help benchmark where you are versus best-in-class and define the capabilities you will need to win in Walmart’s Omnichannel world.

Simpactful can help! To learn more about our capabilities, contact our team today at or call 925-234-6384.