On Monday, Senior Simpactful Consultants Heather Burgess and Jan Grammerstorf had the opportunity to guest lecture at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business for Dr. Anne Wilson. The joint Sales and Marketing seminar, entitled How to Leverage Media as a Partnership Strategy with Retailers was a modified version of our executive training, which provides a comprehensive overview of the shifting dynamics in digital advertising and the impact on both internal resources and structure, as well as retailer negotiations.

According to Amazon Advertising veteran, Heather Burgess, “spending time on campus and in the classroom always re-energizes me. It was fantastic to be in front of a group of Wharton juniors and seniors who will be reshaping global corporations and creating start-ups in the coming years. They were engaged in the rise of Retailer Media platforms, the exciting opportunities they present, and the changes they are necessitating within Sales, Marketing and General management.”

Senior Simpactful Consultant and former P&G and Mars Sales Executive, Jan Grammerstorf, felt similarly: “It was highly inspirational to be able to give back to my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. It does not get any better than spending time with marketing students at Wharton sharing real-life experiences that they can apply to the curriculum at Penn. The evolution of retailer media in the marketing mix is a discussion topic we collaborate with clients at Simpactful on an almost daily basis. These students learned from us the challenges and solutions Fortune 500 General Managers, CMO’s and CCO’s are considering. Dr. Wilson’s class of future marketers were highly engaged and asked great questions about how we are helping our clients leverage our knowledge of retailer media to enhance their P&L.”

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