Mark Breden joins Simpactful as a Sr. Consultant with 38 years of experience at Procter & Gamble. As a former P&G director with responsibility for the multi-billion dollar Walmart International Business, Breden is a proven consumer products leader with Walmart and international market expertise. Under his leadership, the P&G International organization was consistently rated as the #1 International Supplier Team, both globally and within each market.

“There are new best practice approaches in running an international business because consumers are thinking of shopping from a global perspective,” says Breden. “U.S. consumers are buying clothes from Europe, the biggest diaper brand in China comes from Japan so retailers and suppliers need to stay ahead in different markets.”

Breden specializes in bringing companies a global perspective from a North American standpoint. “For example, if a brand is having troubles in four different markets, instead of contracting out different people in each market, I’ll be able to find common themes in all four and dig deeper for customized programs,” adds Breden. “It makes sense from a domestic and international perspective to build Joint Business Plans across multiple markets.”  Breden can effectively build country/regional business teams that leverage combined global best practices and direction while aligning to local business models and demands.

In addition to building global teams, Breden is skilled in business negotiations. “I’m excited to bring to Simpactful clients an understanding on how to leverage global scale in a world that is still very local. This means better negotiating with Walmart. Negotiations and elevating shopper insights, which are absolutely crucial because shoppers in Germany are very different than shoppers in Brazil.” When it comes to cross-border shopping, Breden explains that even if you don’t bring your products to China, someone else will.  “This means pricing is up for grabs and I believe with the advent of advanced data and analytics there are new ways to look at pricing, maximize the ROI on your spending in a world where the value equation is different, and evolve your business model while protecting profitability.”

When companies start with Breden, it begins with an analysis of where they are going to market and where they are losing customers. “Start with those fundamental questions and then you can begin to solve those problems,” says Breden. “Are you losing to brands or losing consumers in general?”  Simpactful is excited to add Breden’s expertise in international organizations that can leverage scale, fast response and core mastery across country businesses to differentiate and deliver breakthrough results.

Mark is part of the new team that Simpactful has pulled together in Northwest Arkansas to better focus on Walmart and Sam’s.   Click here to learn more about this team:

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