Simpactful welcomes Tim Butler to the team as a Sr. Consultant, adding to our digital and ecommerce capabilities.  His experience in digital marketing, ecommerce, and transformation strategy will allow Simpactful clients to discover and execute the right blend in omnichannel,  allowing clients to offer their shoppers best-in-class experiences across multiple shopping channels to create a competitive advantage. Recently, Butler was responsible for the transformation of Procter & Gamble’s digital business and ecommerce strategy, moving from a world of fragmented and inconsistent consumer experiences to an integrated ecosystem leveraging best practices and consumer-first design, while establishing an industry leading, enterprise-wide consumer data architecture.

“I believe that in the world of CPG and retail, we are experiencing one of the most interesting and tumultuous periods in quite some time as digital and ecommerce change the rules on what it takes to be successful.” says Butler, “After spending ten years helping to drive the transformation in a large CPG company, I look forward to helping other companies along the journey to stay relevant into the future.”

At P&G, Butler and his team were able to create a compelling vision of what was possible and what was needed that energized the company’s senior leaders to bring it to life. “We learned a lot along the way, and quite honestly, more from our failures than successes,” adds Butler, “the key is to get going on the journey. Every company is trying to figure out how to evolve their business model and often they struggle with how to get moving. I believe with my experience, I can help lay out a strategy of how to start and evolve.”

When it comes to changes in the retail industry, Butler believes shoppers have much higher expectations from retailers in terms of personalized shopping experiences. He explains this means retailers must get better at really knowing their shoppers and moving away from more traditional, one-size-fits-all approaches. This will require more effective use of the data they have on their shoppers, combined with fast cycle innovation with a test and learn mindset, to create new shopper experiences that differentiate themselves from a lot of their “me too” competitors.

With the rapid pace of change that new platforms bring to retail, it is most important to not forget that CPG brands still have the same need they have always had; that is, they must be able to effectively communicate their story in the forum where their consumers will be most receptive. Butler goes on further to say, “a key risk is that brands get caught up in the ‘shiny objects’ and forget the fundamentals of effective communication. However, at the same time, brands must immerse themselves into the new technologies so they understand how the new platforms will require them to evolve they way that they engage their consumers.”

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