Our expert team provides invaluable insights and strategies to help CPG and Retail companies thrive in today’s environment

A new year is an ideal time for any organization to refresh its business goals and consider new ways to develop its brand. In the fast-paced CPG and retail industry, however, implementing these goals can be a challenge — the constant flux of changing market trends makes it difficult to determine the best direction. When this happens, CPG brands and retailers need a consulting partner who can offer direct, practical, and relevant strategies about their market.

That’s where Simpactful comes in. We were founded five years ago to create custom solutions that help CPG and retail companies achieve their business goals. Our expert team provides invaluable insights and strategies to help our partners thrive in both brick and mortar retail and e-commerce environments. During this time, our capabilities have only improved, letting us support businesses at any scale across the entire CPG and retailer marketplace.

Here are just a few ways our expert team can help you reach your goals in the new year:

1. Understand your market landscape with Competitive Benchmarking

In recent years, the CPG and retail industry has experienced a great many headwinds and changes. With the rise of natural food categories and other specialized food products, there are more opportunities for emerging brands to find their markets than ever before. And yet, this growth has generated a massive influx of competition — both for customers and for limited shelf space. What’s more, retailers are feeling renewed pressure from e-commerce outlets, driving them to push for gross margin above all else.

Simpactful offers competitive benchmarking that helps brands gain a greater understanding of market and brand dynamics. Our experts and researchers will broaden your perspective on competitors within your category while identifying best-in-class approaches that match your business, giving you an edge on the competition.

Competitive Benchmarking is at the core of what we do here at Simpactful. From Beverages and Breakfast to Vegetables and Vitamins, our team has deep roots in all the major categories, so we know what drives your market’s unique dynamics.

In fact, Simpactful is so committed to these goals that David Friedler — our president and managing partner — works directly with expert consultants to create the most detailed, up-to-date benchmarks.

2. Find optimal Brand Building strategies

As the CPG and retail industry evolves, so too must the brand strategies that CPG and retail companies employ. The crucial point, however, is to adopt a strategy that holistically fits your brand — for example, an established manufacturer with omni-channel reach will need a different approach to brand building than an emerging DTC business seeking an audience. In all cases, you need fundamental, tried-and-tested techniques that will help your brand navigate these dramatic shifts.

At Simpactful, we work with clients to find an optimal brand building strategy that fits each organization. Our experts will conduct a business analysis and landscape assessment to find opportunities for your organization. From there, we work with you to create a directional plan based on your strengths and goals, along with an execution plan to achieve these goals.

Simpactful’s branding experts can help you develop strategies that match your specialized market. Our talent is drawn from specialists who devised modern brand techniques for companies like Procter & Gamble, General Mills, and Colgate-Palmolive among others.

3. Assemble valuable Retailer Insights

No two retailers are alike. CPG manufacturers who are starting a new retail account will quickly realize that each one has its own product categories, pricing strategies, and promotional expectations. The sooner you adapt to these particularities, the better. The challenge is understanding what these differences are so that each account can be supported as effectively as possible.

With Simpactful’s Retailer Insights, we determine the best way to drive joint business growth between vendors and retailers. We understand the goals and needs of retailers and will recommend the best opportunities on an account-based level. With these insights, you’ll spend less time researching retailers and more time creating effective sales strategies specifically catered to their needs.

Simpactful’s unique roster of former CPG and retailer executives can vitalize your accounts. Our team brings experience from prominent retailers like Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger, Amazon, and more.

4. Fuel DTC to Brick-and-Mortar Expansion

One ongoing trend in the CPG industry is that direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses start moving to brick-and-mortar environments. After reaching a certain size or degree of success in e-commerce, many e-commerce brands view brick-and-mortar as the best way to reach new customers. The challenge here is that succeeding in retail and online markets requires specific skill sets that emerging DTC brands may not be familiar with.

If you manage a DTC brand, Simpactful can pair you with a retail expert who will analyze your value proposition and identify the best matches in retail markets. Our team members — formerly with Amazon, Costco, General Mills, and Procter & Gamble — are well-versed in the nuances of transitioning between e-commerce and in-store environments.

How Simpactful will help

At Simpactful, our power lies in our experience. Each of our capabilities is rooted in a diverse team of experts with practical and recent market expertise. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established brand or an emerging business — our experts have helped companies address unique opportunities and challenges. We can do the same for you.

There’s no reason to wait when revitalizing your business, especially if you’re planning to expand into new markets. Whatever the goal may be, Simpactful can provide a strategy that’s a perfect fit for your organization and industry. Contact Simpactful today and start working on a real-world, actionable plan to grow your business.