Simpactful would like to welcome Sr. Consultant, Woody Norris.  Woody is a former president of business and client development at Acosta.  Woody also served and as president of Crossmark and was one of the founding members.

Woody NorrisWoody brings over forty years of sales, management, and organizational performance experience with influential positions in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and sales agency industry.  Woody possesses extensive experience within traditional consumer and customer-facing companies within the food and beverage industries with proven success in delivering top-and bottom-line results in highly competitive categories. He brings his experience within the specialized boutique consulting industry delivering growth strategies and third-party relationship management expertise.

Woody functions as a Consultant focused on improving organizational performance, sales, and marketing execution, expanding and improving client relationships.  He is great at identifying new client growth opportunities, existing client opportunities, and creating new business relationships with senior executives. Skilled at developing strategies, facilitating organizational alignment, coaching and mentoring, and driving initiatives that deliver customer and client satisfaction and lasting financial results. Keen ability to assess and digest complex situations and communicate clearly and effectively to gain organizational focus on key priorities to achieve long-term success.

Industries include CPG, legal services, banking, manufacturing, construction, real estate, sales, marketing, schools/ISD, and churches.

To learn more about how Woody’s experience can help influence your positions in the sales agency industry and how Simpactful can help you, contact the Simpactful team today at or 925-234-6394