It’s a whole new marketplace today. Every business faces massive increases in competition and unprecedented levels of complexity in operations.  Industry consolidation, technological breakthroughs and changing shopper demographics are all game changers. So how can you get ahead?

Simpactful believes the way to face these new realities is a one-two punch: the right real world strategies paired with the right executions. That process starts with an in-depth diagnosis of your business and getting clear on your current reality.

The 5 C’s

Simpactful’s proprietary Northstar Strategy Development process helps us understand the evolving landscape and turn insights into long-term profitable growth. It’s a seven-step approach and Step 1 is the in-depth Landscape Analysis that reveals insights about five critical aspects of your business.

  1. Consumer (Shopper). Who are your most important consumer groups and why? What are your most important attributes and how do they fit your different consumer groups?
  2. Customer (Retailer). Do you know your most profitable customers and channels and why? Do you have the right roles and goals for the right customers and channels?
  3. Category. What opportunities exist to expand the category for unmet consumer needs? What consumers spend the most in the category? What value does your brand bring to retailers in this category?
  4. Competition. Who are your biggest competitors? Emerging competitors? How does your go-to-market compare?
  5. Company. How are you performing versus stakeholder expectations? What are your biggest growth opportunities?

 After this initial assessment, we follow six more steps through strategy completion and execution planning. These steps identify opportunities like “where to play” and “how to win.” We also consider risk mitigation, formulate deployment and action plans and put in place measurement systems to track progress. Finally, we think through how we’ll renew and repeat the process.

The Key is Execution

Plans are an important foundation, but execution is where strategy translates into success. Simpactful’s team of experienced thought leaders specialize in execution and will bring your real world executable plans to life. We are all proven in our respective areas of expertise. Using our know-how, we will deploy your strategies in a framework that ensures focused execution. What happens next? Breakthrough growth and profitable results.

Contact us to learn more about the expertise we offer as a powerful team.