BENTONVILLE, Ark., April 29, 2022 – Simpactful and Wilson Negotiation Group (WNG) have teamed up to further enable clients to build strategic joint business plans and manage successful negotiations. Rob Wilson, founder of Wilson Negotiation Group, is aligning with Simpactful, after a successful career at Walmart, as Sr. Director of Negotiation Strategy. Prior to Walmart, Rob was one of the most requested and utilized consultants at The Gap Partnership. Rob and his team understand negotiations with retailers at an experience level like few others, given their experience at these two great companies.

Now aligned with Simpactful’s team of practitioners, who bring experience from both sides of the desk at top retailers, the alliance can deliver programs that significantly improve negotiation skills and outcomes. WNG’s flagship three-day Negotiation Mastery course, as well as its two-day, fact-based Strategic Negotiation course, will advance clients’ ability to drive strong financial results.

According to WNG partner and Simpactful Sr. advisor, Scott Huff, “I’ve worked closely with Simpactful and WNGand helped bring them together. Their collective insights and experience will help Suppliers and/or Retailersimprove financial results quickly. I look forward to being a part of their projects with clients.”

The training from WNG will help client teams drive higher profitability through assessment, strategy, and advanced negotiation development. Client teams will be better prepared, right away, for their next retailer negotiations, as WNG uses real-world scenarios in its training and consulting.

Rob Wilson added, “Consistent with Simpactful, we are practitioners, rather than academics. Because of our extensive experience, we can find variables and unlock value that may have been previously overlooked. We help our clients become more confident and successful negotiators. We partner with them in the planning, strategy, tactics, financials, and implementation of their negotiations, delivering the best possible outcomes.”

Together Simpactful and WNG can deliver remarkable financial results through unparalleled negotiation training and consulting services.

To learn more contact David Friedler – Managing Partner at 925-234-6394.