Dellett has a wealth of knowledge and experience from leading continuous improvement programs across seven different billion-dollar brand supply chains. He has a unique ability to understand an organization’s processes, and to validate executional root causes that deliver less than ideal results.  “I leverage the existing expertise in the organization and apply the appropriate loss elimination tools to deliver targeted  results” explains Dellett, “My focus is to start with current state execution and make it more effective and efficient.”

Dellett has a proven track record of over three decades as an End-to-End (Manufacturing Plant to Store Shelf) Supply Chain executive and consultant by leading organizations to best-in-class results and building individual capability.  Most recently, Dellett was a Senior Supply Chain Leader for Procter & Gamble managing multiple supply chains, optimizing store operations and leading collaborative problem solving sessions on the Walmart team.  His breakthrough contributions included facilitating multi-vendor Root Cause Analysis sessions for both On Shelf Availability and On-Time In-Full.  He also was the only P&G Supply Network Operations Continuous Improvement consultant at P&G with mastery in Value Stream Mapping, Work Process Improvement, Problem Solving and Loss Analysis.

The Race for the Last Mile

It’s the most cost-intensive part of the supply chain; the final delivery of goods to retail store or customer’s front door. The explosion in omnichannel retail has increased both the demand for last-mile resources and in many cases, the costs of operating them.  So how is this different than a traditional brick and mortar supply chain? Dellett explains the methodology to optimize the supply chain is similar whether it’s a dotcom or brick and mortar business. “You need to understand the product and information flow in a supply chain, where the costs are incurred, and the key actions needed to reduce those costs with systemic solutions,” adds Dellett.  For many businesses, Supply Chain improvement may seem like a daunting and expensive task, but “you don’t have to invest heavily in new technology or the ‘shiny new toy’ to deliver substantial ROIs,” assures Dellett.

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