Mike Sapp brings more than 30 years of retail merchandising experience, with over 20 years in the highly competitive Pet industry. His Pet experience covers both retailing and manufacturing across multiple categories, ranging from food and treats to general merchandise and services. As the SVP at Pet Smart, he successfully partnered with large and small, national and private label brands to drive awareness, loyalty, and significant growth within the overall Pet category. Working across the table, Mike was able to develop deep relationships with vendors, resulting in the addition of significant incremental resources dedicated to supporting PetSmart’s growth. By leveraging his experience from both the Retail and Manufacturing side, Mike is well positioned to lead clients to:

  • Develop strategic plans to combat competitive threats
  • Ensure brands are positioned to win in the marketplace
  • Elevate ways to approach negotiation discussions leading to collaborative partnerships
  • Guide the development of internal talent to perform at the highest level

As the former President of BrightPet Brands, Mike led Sales, Marketing, and Product Development across their portfolio of brands including Stewart, Bravo!, Miracle Care, and more. Under his leadership, BrightPet received industry recognition for the Stewart packaging design, portfolio expansion with the acquisition of Bravo! brand, and numerous additions to the BrightPet leadership team.

With the addition of Mike Sapp, John Torru, Chairperson and Senior Partner at Simpactful, shared,“I have personally worked with Mike over the years, and I am excited about the leadership and commercial expertise he brings to help all of our clients succeed. Having worked both as a Retailer and Manufacturer executive he has a unique perspective on how to drive joint value for both parties in a very collaborative and not confrontational manner.”

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