CPG companies continue to lean on broad-scale analytics capabilities for compelling insights to inform Revenue Growth Management, Net Price Realization, and Trade Investment Optimization decisions. Business now has a wealth of data from an ever-expanding list of sources. However, this treasure trove can come with the risk of information overload and lead to analysis paralysis. We often onboard new client teams generating 50+ reports without focusing on strategic priorities or the most important metrics.

In contrast, well-designed data models help executives and practitioners stay on the cutting edge of actionable insights to drive marketplace performance. Utilizing analytics solutions such as Tableau and Power BI, Simpactful has developed a suite of data tools to help clients access, analyze, and convert information into meaningful insights for decisions and action. We leverage practical experience to extract the most critical data from various sources and harmonize consumption, financial, marketing, and supply chain data within our models to provide critical insights into the business. Our clients can quickly navigate a wealth of information for opportunity capture and risk mitigation.

For example, our RGM experts Marcy Selva, Mike Tolkowsky, and Eric Vanderschueren recently posted an article discussing the benefits of advanced analytics to empower Revenue Growth Management capabilities in today’s omnichannel environment. Here is a sampling of how Simpactful data models can guide multiple aspects of a solid RGM strategy:

Portfolio Assortment, Mix and Pricing: Our multi-functional RGM and analytics team has built a simple and effective model for pragmatic portfolio optimization. We leverage client financial and consumption data to assess item level profit and revenue to help clients build focused action plans by product group and by customer. For pricing performance and price-pack architecture development, our tools help model consumption, price curves, and financials across channels, retailers, and product groups.  Furthermore, this includes a category view with a detailed analysis of competitive pricing insights across top retailers.

Promotion Management: The Simpactful Promo ROI tool combines client promotion calendars, consumption, and financial data by retailer. Here, we determine the lift and ROI of each promotion across customers and promoting groups. We leverage visualization software to easily compare promotions and our insider knowledge of evolving retailer policies to build an optimized promotion plan.  Our work includes setting a ‘win-win’ ROI mindset for clients and retailers, driving category value and profit pool growth both at individual retailers and across channels.

Importantly, Simpactful RGM experts flex to meet the needs of our clients with ‘fit for purpose’ analytic approaches and data solutions. Simpactful Analyst Robert Esquivel enjoys the process of tailoring the models to various client business needs, “Simpactful strives to build custom solutions for our clients following a sound framework to drive bottom line growth. Our data platforms look to incorporate the entire business data picture from our clients for maximum ROI.”

Robert Esquivel, Director of Business Insights & Analytics

These tools are more critical than ever in today’s financial environment. Finance practitioner Eric Vanderschueren has used the models to help clients understand both financial risks and upside opportunities: “Running a business is all about making choices to deliver on prioritized goals via specific strategies. Simpactful practitioners have all been in an operational seat and can share their own experience to make such choices, leveraging best in class tools in an effective and efficient way.”

Simpactful RGM expert Mike Tolkowsky sees tremendous benefit in advanced data modeling. “Our incredible network of highly experienced RGM practitioners is second to none. We will continue to help clients navigate the dynamic consumer goods landscape with pragmatic yet impactful analytical approaches and tools to drive profitable growth.”

To learn more about how Simpactful experts from both the brand and retailer sides of the CPG desk can help you, contact the Simpactful team at contact@simpactful.com or 925-234-6394.  Visit www.simpactful.com