As happens far too often, people of color have recently been subjected to violence and the threat of violence. Acts like these are completely unacceptable at any time and in any place, and change is long overdue. At Simpactful, we want to ensure our beliefs are clear, even as we acknowledge it is a message that should have come sooner.

This must be stated unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.

At Simpactful, we believe in the diversity of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, experiences, and the inclusion of people regardless of their race, color, sex, language, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or age. In addition to supporting the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Simpactful is committed to be an anti-racism organization.

Our goal is to create and maintain an environment where our partners, full team, and clients feel safe to discuss race and the importance it has within and outside of the workplace. By embracing the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion our culture is strengthened, our workplace is more dynamic, and everyone can thrive.

We are committed to more than just words and are driven to take action. Over the coming weeks, Simpactful will be making a series of donations to support organizations that are committed to equality and to help our cities (like Minneapolis) recover.

We know this is a small step, and more needs to be done. That said our action is urgent and we hope it will contribute to lasting change and justice for black and people of color.