Tiffany Pratt
Sr. Consultant

Heather Burgess

Heather Burgess
Sr. Partner

The trick to solving many business challenges and creating sustainable systems is understanding the WHY or the business drivers. Amazon can seem like an intimidating black box, where it is challenging to predict success. However, Amazon’s A9 retail algorithm is perfectly designed to deliver and fuel the company’s infamous flywheel: It serves up products most likely to convert based on the customer’s search and historical performance of the detail page to increase the likelihood satisfied shopper will return to shop on Amazon after a positive experience.

Brands that understand the drivers, create the necessary content, and execute optimal detail pages designed to harness the algorithm have the potential to be rewarded handsomely. Meanwhile, those that don’t may struggle to find growth despite the valiant efforts of their employees to make forward progress in the quicksand of Amazon’s demanding business model.

Recently, Simpactful audited ten detail pages of a prominent durables brand. We combined our codified Simpactful Six Star eCommerce success model with search term analytics and shopper insights to recommended specific changes to the titles, descriptions, images, and A+ content for 9 ASINS.

Just 20 days after launching updated detail pages with the suggested changes, the conversion rate grew in the double digits while products with untouched detail pages products suffered declines. Astoundingly, sales for the optimized products grew 43% YoY vs 1% for the remainder of the brand. Given the nature of Amazon’s business flywheel, these results should continue to accelerate as the A9 Algorithm magically powers the Amazon flywheel, making the decision to invest in additional brand imagery, videos and Amazon Advertising easy.

At Simpactful, our retail and brand building practitioners work shoulder to shoulder with you to solve key business challenges. We have experienced experts that have sat on both the brand and retailer side of the Amazon desk. For example, Tiffany Pratt led the Amazon and e-Commerce Sales team for Clif Bar and Heather Burgess held executive Amazon roles in both the Retail and Advertising organizations. We have been able to train multi-functional teams on the requirements for Amazon success. We regularly audit brands and have helped leadership teams hard wire the commercial and operational requirements to enable sustained, profitable growth and happier eCommerce teams.

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