We are in the midst of dramatic and rapid evolution in various sectors of CPG.  From direct to consumer “disrupter” brands challenging leading multi-national players, to vast changes in consumer media consumption due to digital innovation, to the importance of Omnichannel and the re-calibration of the role of Brick and Mortar stores.  Amid this disruption, it’s more important than ever to leverage a brand building framework that leverages the proven core fundamental principles of brand building- but that also helps companies/brands navigate these current market shifts successfully.

Simpactful consultant Jose Rodriguez has been in brand building leadership positions across multiple CPG companies. He has developed this brand building framework and has successfully applied it dozens of times across multiple brands.  For example, as VP of Marketing at large Health Care CPG, the framework led to record +15% sales growth (3.5x the market).  He and Simpactful are now consulting with companies on how to leverage this proven framework.

The key principle of Simpactful’s Brand Building model centers around the notion that the Brand Strategies/Plans must be “holistic” and multifunctional to best meet consumer needs.

Jose observes, “It’s more important than ever to leverage the ever-constant core fundamental principles of brand building that can help companies/brands navigate the current market shifts successfully. We have to remember that the “What” of brand building (Strategy, Equity, etc) has not changed and it is only the “How” (Execution plan) that evolved.”

CPG companies that do not follow a framework, Jose adds, “lack a strong focus on the business review/analysis aspect of brand building and therefore miss key areas of opportunity and/or competitive threats to grow their brand”.

For CPG companies needing to build a brand framework to remain competitive in today’s changing CPG environment, work with Simpactful.

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