ROI Fitness℠ — A Key Enabler to Accelerate Sales and Profit Growth

Consumer and trade marketing expenditures represent a substantial investment for all consumer packaged goods companies. In fact, the amount typically surpasses 30% of sales. Yet it’s challenging to set the right level of investment, allocate it between brands, and divide it between multiple marketing activities. Such decisions often follow an empirical “trial and error” approach, subject to the individual experience of the involved managers.

If you’re one of the lucky ones wrapping your arms around return on investment (ROI), there is constant pressure to stay on top of ongoing changes – shifting consumer behaviors, increased competition, sweeping changes in technology, and new distribution channels – to name a few. This leaves many brand builders with marketing and trade optimization programs that are challenging to sustain over time.

Simpactful’s ROI Fitness capability will provide your Company with a holistic, data-driven approach to optimize your marketing investment and stimulate your sales. It can be applied to all marketing activities, from media, consumer promotion, trade funds, to in-store execution. The total approach consists of four key steps but can be tailored depending on your specific needs:

  1. Assess the strength and consistency of objectives and strategies and distinctive consumer propositions.
  2. Translate strategies into marketing choices and identify respective business drivers to deliver them.
  3. Build data-based knowledge and leverage analytics to identify the most effective and efficient way to deliver your objectives through these business drivers. This identifies the choices and decisions needed to optimize ROI.
  4. Enable your organization to sustain the approach over time by embedding this as a core competency supported with effective rewards, structures, systems, and training.Brands implementing ROI Fitnesswill optimize spending by ~5% — savings that can either be reinvested to accelerate growth or go to the bottom-line. Simpactful’s consultants bring real-life experience using ROI Fitness℠ . They’ve been there, done it, and delivered results. We do not believe in “one size fits all.” Instead, we’ll tailor our proposal to your specific needs, focusing on the highest-potential opportunities for your company. We’ll enable your Company to deliver results. We do not “touch and go.” We team up and deliver.”ROI Fitness℠ is a Simpactful capability developed and led by Eric Vanderschueren, Simpactful Sr. Consultant.About Simpactful
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