Simpactful welcomes Phil Morris to the team as a Sr. Consultant. Morris brings a deep level of management experience in North America and international markets where he has delivered record sales, share and profit results.

Morris has over a decade of experience designing and implementing agile, flexible multi-billion dollar trade fund programs and multi-million dollar promotions that effectively target funding and drive a higher ROI while meeting antitrust regulations.  He also has created groundbreaking programs that accelerated specific channel growth while protecting large base businesses.

“With trade fund program investments being the second or third largest item in manufacturer P&Ls, there has never been more pressure on trade fund programs to be agile, flexible and to deliver an attractive ROI for manufacturers and retailers while meeting antitrust regulations,” adds Morris, “my expertise in developing trade fund programs will enable manufacturers to target trade funds to accelerate growth and invest in better channel, customer and shopper opportunities.”

Phil also creates practical and rational solutions for today’s marketplace issues and problems.   A recent example is the growing problem of retail products being diverted within and outside of the U.S.  Diversion dilutes manufacturer profits and creates a potential risk to consumers.  Phil recently led a project team that developed a best-in-class anti-diverting program that recovered millions in sales and profits for a manufacturer.

Morris’ approach to solving critical business challenges is to identify the specific opportunity, gain an understanding of available information and data, and ensure everyone is a collaborative part of the solution. “It’s important to leverage the expertise of everyone who may be a part of this challenge,” explains Morris, “from people in the field, at the headquarters, and even external partners, they all need to be a part of the solution.”

Morris also brings significant sales and marketing experience as a former North America Sales Manager for a $ 2+ billion business delivering three record years of sales and profit growth.  Two brands launched during his tenure are now billion-dollar brands.

Morris’ international experience adds unique capabilities for Simpactful clients. During his time in Turkey and Saudi Arabia as a Sales and Market Strategy Leader, Morris developed his ability to understand the unique needs of consumers and retailers emerging markets.   Morris explains that while working abroad “an understanding of different cultures, religion, income and family structures must be factored into any product and promotional design.”  Morris integrates his ability to understand shopper and marketplace dynamics when he designs capabilities today.

For many manufacturers that are struggling with profitably growing their business, Morris brings his deep understanding of trade fund programs, channel development and problem-solving to accelerate business results.  “The pace of change in the retail space will continue to accelerate and manufacturers need to develop targeted and efficient solutions to grow with different retail channels and to meet evolving shopper needs,” says Morris.

Simpactful is excited to add Phil Morris’ expertise to the team to work with clients on developing comprehensive strategies and driving profitable growth.


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