It’s hard to believe that year-end is upon us for most companies. Unprecedented volatility is making for a bumpy landing for 2022 budgets. Savvy managers carry a running list of ways to put “found money” to work to shore up next year’s plans. We know you’re busy trying to land the 2022 plane, so we asked our practitioners to put together our top Simpactful ways to invest 2022 dollars now, before the year-end, for 2023 growth. Below are our suggestions in potential budget order from lowest to highest:

  Phone a Friend: Invest in or gift 10 or more hours of executive and exceptional coaching with a multi-functional practitioner or retail expert

  Get a Jump on a Joint Business Planning: Customer Team 2023 plan a working session with a Simpactful former Retailer executive

  Electrify eCommerce: Get an expert audit of 10 Amazon Product Detail Pages vs. Best Practices

  Show Some Media Savvy: Executive Retailer Media Training and Q&A session with former Amazon Ads executive

  Shore up Your Shelf: Execute an in-store Claims & Communication Audit

  Tame Trade Term Jitters and Shore up Negotiations: Wilson Negotiation GroupNegotiation training for 8 employees

  Avoid Merger Mayhem: Develop a Kroger-Albertsons merger plan

  Quest for Cash: Benchmark your chargebacks, fines, and fees

  Building Blocks of Distribution: Crack the code on Club store distribution (or other channels or retailers of your choice)

  Go from Clicks to Bricks: Build a plan for DTC to Brick & Mortar expansion

  Boost Brand Building and Create Culture: Charter a new Brand Building Framework for 2023 and begin work to customize it

  Find and Correct Lost Sale Killers: Benchmark On-Shelf Availability (OSA) or Shrink Loss at 3 retailers and identify key opportunities

  Gross to Net Optimization: Develop an optimized price-pack architecture and net price realization plan

  New ROI Toys: Discover approaches and tools to drive trade investment productivity

  Work vs Waste: Uncover working dollars by reducing fines, fees, and non-quality trade costs (returns, closeouts, markdowns)

  Ease Inflation Woes: Charter RGM or NRM work to offset inflationary pressure

  Give yourself a Break: Consider hiring a fractional resource for a project or interim support during maternity leaves, sabbaticals, staffing gaps, and more

If you are interested in activating these or other capabilities and putting together a plan to bill them work in 2022, contact the team today at or 925-234-6384.  Visit