Expanding Simpactful’s end-to-end Commercial and Challenger Brand capability, Simpactful is excited to name Doug Stukenborg, former Target Merchandising Executive and Co-Founder of Welly Health as Senior Consultant. 

Doug Stukenborg truly embodies the Simpactful “Solutions from Both Sides of the Desk” consulting model with his trifecta of advisory work at McKinsey, executive category leadership tenure at Target, and co-founder and CEO experience of successful challenger brand, Welly.

Doug began his career at the Ford Motor Company, where he spent 7 years as a Product Development Engineer. After completing his MBA, Stukenborg joined McKinsey & Co as an Associate and worked his way up to Engagement Manager. There, he worked closely with CEOs, COOs, and other senior management on the company’s Retail and Operations practice.

Eager to apply his knowledge, Doug joined Target Corporation, where he spent nearly 11 years in Merchandising working across Confections, Frozen Food, and Health Care. As the VP of Merchandising for Healthcare, he drove annual sales growth of $1B and EBIT growth of $0.5B through floorpad reinvention, loyalty rewards improvements, services expansion, and pharmacy supply chain innovation. After helping transition the Target Pharmacy business to CVS, Doug left to pursue his entrepreneurial passions.

In 2018, Doug leveraged his combined experience at Ford, McKinsey, and Target to co-create a successful CPG start-up. Welly disrupted the market with boldly designed bandages, ointments, and first-aid essentials. While taking on industry stalwarts, Welly drove $20MM in retail sales in its first year and gained distribution in over 10,000 doors by the end of Year 2. In his role as Co-Founder and CEO, Doug built Welly from the ground up. He oversaw everything from strategy and product design to channel sell-in and Brand company operations.

Originally from Dayton, OH, Doug now lives in Eden Prairie, MN, with his wife, Beth Kreusch, and their Bernedoodle, Maizey. Their children, Sophie (Sr.) and Augie (So.) are both studying at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where Beth and Doug first met 35 years ago. In their spare time, Doug and Beth enjoy traveling with family and friends, hiking, listening to music, and expanding their cooking capabilities.

Doug expresses that, “As a passionate problem-solver and with experience in both retail and CPG, I’m excited to work alongside colleagues at Simpactful to drive change and create lasting impact for our clients.” Simpactful Chairperson, John Torru, concurs. “Doug brings an innovation mindset to everything he does. With Brands looking for growth in 2024 and beyond, Doug’s personal experience and proven strategies to drive disruptive growth across categories will enable your Brand to reach new heights. We are thrilled to have Doug join our talented team of Industry leaders and practitioners!”

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