Simpactful Partner Mary Pickering and Sr Consultant Carly Broderick will be speakers at CUE4, The Retail (un)Conference in Minneapolis, Nov 2, 2017

Mary Pickering – Simpactful Partner:  Maximizing Your Trade Funds – ROI Fitness

Are your trade funds delivering the best ROI?  It is more challenging than ever to deliver profitability and demands from retailers are becoming more complicated.  Trade spending as a percent of sales has risen to all time highs for most brands while the ROI has dropped.   How do you navigate this part of business planning?  This workshop will discuss the current landscape and offers practical solutions you can apply to your business.

For more information about Mary: Mary Pickering

Carly Broderick – Simpactful Sr Consultant:  Product Line Reviews – What To Do (And Not To Do)

The product line review with a retailer – where you have a small amount of time to make a big impression.  The fact of the matter is that many vendors often focus efforts on the wrong things while ignoring what’s important to the merchant buying team.  This session will cover things that can spell disaster in these meetings, or land you that space in stores or online.

For more information about Carly: Carly Broderick

For more information about CUE4: CUE4 Retail Conference



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