NEW ORLEANS, LA, July 13, 2022 – Simpactful and Metonymize have partnered to enable clients to optimize eCommerce performance, Retailer Media effectiveness, and Digital Marketing ROI through the power of big data and Third Wave AI®-powered analytics. By aligning Metonymize analytic capabilities with Simpactful’s practitioners, who bring experience from both the Retail and Brand side of the desk, the joint team can deliver the powerhouse formula of Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Brand Management, Retailer Media, Channel expertise and proven AI-based data strategies and analytics to yield rapidly improved marketing, media, and retail performance.

Kripa RajshekharMetonymize founder and CEO, Kripa Rajshekhar, co-founded the Ernst & Young M&A Strategy practice and was the lead Tech Partner. From this vantage point, he had a front-line view of not only the practical business opportunities – but emerging scientific modeling and technology breakthroughs that could be combined. He also recognized the challenges created by data lakes – and the significant opportunities to unlock value by bridging those pools of data. To achieve his vision for Metonymize, Kripa brought together a team of experts in Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Machine Learning, Software, and Cloud Engineering, and combined them with a team of CPG advisors.

According to Simpactful Senior Partner and Metonymize Advisor, Heather Burgess, who brings both Amazon Retail and Advertising experience, “Clients are hungering not only to optimize content and Detail Pages but to step-change the ROI of both Retailer and national Digital Media. This is driven by the combination of scaling eCommerce sales, the sheer dollars invested in sponsored ads, the emergence of new ad platforms, and recessionary pressure to drive top-line growth with less. Metonymize has unlocked the exciting ability to activate insights across data ‘walled gardens’ using existing data sources and thereby driving faster ROI gains, for less.”

Metonymize CEO, Kripa, concurs. “Our initial Retailer Media pilots far exceeded client goals. We have been able to save 40% in client marketing spend, and in a recent Duracell campaign, we drove 10X incremental conversion vs the incumbent digital media solution simply by mining and transferring campaign insights from other eCommerce platforms like Amazon.”

Together, Simpactful and Metonymize can help clients unlock dramatic ROI improvements, faster for less, leveraging world-class expertise in Next Wave AI-driven data monetization, Retailer Media, Marketing, Omnichannel Commerce, and Strategy.

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