Simpactful is pleased to announce Myles Proudfoot as a Sr Consultant. An expert in shopper insights, shopper capability development, shopper-based organizational development and set up, Proudfoot brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Simpactful clients in the development and application of shopper capabilities. With a 20-year career at P&G, Proudfoot was a founding member of the development of P&G’s retail innovation labs and shopper-based design practice.

Most recently, he established a thriving insights practice at strategic design consultancy, ChaseDesign, where he applied cutting-edge research approaches to every phase of the Design Thinking framework.

Insights Create the Experience

Retailers and brands often start a discussion with “we need to improve the shopper experience” and while this statement is well intended, organizations need to know what customers actually want, need, and like before any planning begins.

Shopper insights are the foundation of improving the purchase experience. They help retain the shoppers you already have and enable brands and retailers to attract new ones that ultimately improve the bottom line. As a recognized leader in commercial insights and shopper-based design, Proudfoot has had a profound impact on CPG retail strategy and retail thinking around the globe.

Insights to Action

When it comes to innovation in the retail industry, Proudfoot believes that most CPG organizations have been focused on brand building through marketing and advertising at the expense of the brand’s retail presence.  The critical role that retail plays in fulfilling the need that advertising creates has been ignored for decades. “Shopper innovation is about how to make it easy to find and buy those brands,” explains Proudfoot, “So many brands ignore their retail presence because they don’t understand how shoppers make choices in the context of a large number of competing choices.  Instead of focusing on a promotion, which only gives a short-term bump, shopper innovation increases a brand’s share of voice/eyeballs during the shopping experience.”   So how should an organization properly approach shopper insights to create work that is actually insightful and actionable?  “What you need is the team to understand that the goal is to influence behavior,” says Proudfoot, “Move away from reporting-only mindsets and develop teams that understand how to conduct and report research that can translate behavioral observations into action.”

Shoppers demand a seamless experience across all channels, so it’s crucial that companies have a strong shopper experience strategy in order to compete. CPG brands already have a vast amount of reporting data at their fingertips and while this might tell us about shopper behavior and even help to highlight shopper needs, it’s not always so easy to turn data into actionable insights.


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