By Heather Burgess, Simpactful Senior Partner

I had the honor of leading the development, deployment, and activation of the critical global Brand Building Framework – and Innovation Big Idea Frameworks for P&G for several years. When I was initially offered a capability role, I was admittedly skeptical of whether it would help me grow my skills or my career as the company’s career systems were biased toward operational roles. However, the process of codifying success drivers, iterating models, and case examples with P&G’s Corporate and Regional functional leaders, debating change management approaches, training employees, and consulting with dozens of top project teams across the company is probably the most challenging and valuable experience of my career.

For the past 2 years, I have been helping Simpactful clients with their Marketing, Innovation, and eCommerce needs. Unfortunately, many of these leaders do not have well-defined frameworks. This presents a significant upside across multiple vectors:

  • The process of developing frameworks requires the codifying of principles for success (and failure), which drives ROI, focuses investment on the highest potential ideas, and helps to minimize the repetition of mistakes.
  • Capability programs, when done well, can build a stronger organizational culture, and a sense of employee belonging and loyalty, which is absolutely critical in a remote work world where barriers to switching jobs have fallen precipitously.
  • Big Idea models and relevant and inspirational case examples raise the bar of ideas for new products, services, experiences, distribution strategies, retail solutions, or communication ideas.
  • Great business frameworks create organizational environments that unleash the performance of individuals, teams, management, and even agencies by enabling people to think and act for themselves, leverage their individual expertise, and also collaborate to achieve common goals and objectives
  • Principles for success and failure help leaders make faster decisions more confidently, and focus resources and investment on the biggest potential ideas.
  • Principles and frameworks for success help to define individual and team deliverables, and can be used to evaluate employee performance
  • Great frameworks enable companies to scale the organizational size or number of operating companies organically, or to quickly unify organizations following mergers and acquisitions

With Simpactful, it is not necessary to invest millions to bring this capability forward to your organization. Our practitioners have developed ready-made models that codify success drivers across Brand Strategy, Brand Building, Innovation, Channel Expansion, eCommerce, In-store and more. These can be tailored with cases and nuanced approaches to address your business challenges. Our experienced trainers have worked with groups around the world and received accolades from audiences ranging from Wharton MBAs, to Executive Leadership Teams, and the world’s top Marketing organizations. More importantly, we can support you and drive adoption to ensure you reap maximum value through implementation strategies, tools, and resources.

Looking for ways to inspire your organization, unlock growth, create employee loyalty, or drive ROI? To learn more about our capabilities and how SIMPACTFUL can help you, contact the team today at or 925-234-6384