our customers grew their business using these four powerful Simpactful capabilities

Simpactful was founded five years ago to create custom solutions that help CPG and Retail companies achieve their business goals. Our expert team provides invaluable insights and strategies to help our partners thrive in both retail and eCommerce environments. During this time, our capabilities have only improved, letting us support businesses at any scale across the entire CPG marketplace.

  • Competitive Benchmarking: Competitive Benchmarking is a powerful tool that assist brands in expanding their perspective on competitors within your category while identifying best-in-class approaches that match your business. Simpactful’s access to multiple CPG/retailer experts gives us access to benchmark multiple issues and scenarios in the CPG/Retail industry.
  • Brand Building: Simpactful has made considerable investments in Brand Building with the addition of Jose Rodriguez. We work with clients to find an optimal brand building strategy that fits each organization. Our experts will conduct a business analysis and landscape assessment to find opportunities for your organization. From there, we work with you to create a directional plan based on your strengths and goals, along with an execution plan to achieve these goals.
  • Retailer Insights: Retailers are complicated and not alike. We have access to experts across all levels of brick & mortar and eCommerce. These experts can give you valuable knowledge surrounding the intricacies of retail/eCommerce. With these insights your brands can be prepared to achieve a successful joint business planning.
  • DTC to Brick and Mortar Expansion: Many brands were born in the age of online shopping. Some brands struggle to understand the intricacies of brick and mortar retail. At Simpactful we have multiple retailer experts that can assist brands in expanding their distribution. Our “get grow keep” model assist brands in developing customer knowledge, getting, expanding and keeping distribution.

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