What unexpected ways were you able to contribute because of past experiences?

Uncertainty in both labor and financial performance is causing companies to reassess their talent strategies and management of gaps. Simpactful practitioners can step in as fractional resources on a part-time or full-time basis, and integrate with your organization to drive momentum during talent gaps or to delay the hiring of full-time resources. Today, several of our experts share their personal experiences and how they contributed as fractional team members for Simpactful clients.

Whitney Hodge

Whitney Hodge

Senior Director of Operations for a small to mid-sized Gifting brand

“I was able to bring experience in both DTC and retail fulfillment and parcel transportation to enable significant DTC growth and brick-and-mortar retail expansion for the client throughout the pandemic. I led a domestic 3PL fulfillment RFP, advised on the selection of a new warehouse partner, led the successful 3PL implementation, and have remained on the team to strategically evolve the partnership. The client has experienced improved warehouse SLA performance and customer experience across all channels in addition to unlocking new fulfillment capabilities.”

Eric Vanderschueren

Acting CFO for $70MM Global Beverage company

“’Been there, done it’ is a key asset for delivering results with minimal support and speed. Key deliverables included: 1) quickly identify top performers in the Finance organization, and adjust Roles & Responsibilities accordingly, 2) revamp the financial forecast, and focus on key variables, and 3) recast the presentations to the Board. The company delivered on the dot the 2021 sales and financial forecast that I had established in late 2020 two months after joining the company. On a softer side, my experience allowed me to establish myself as a trusted advisor and true “right arm” to the CEO without the vested interest that an insider often holds.”

Kyle Gustafson

VP of eCommerce at a <$100MM Beverage company

“After assessing the company’s position in eCommerce, Simpactful recommended a full court press to harness the natural market momentum. In the time it would have taken to source a new hire, I stepped in to implement a full eCommerce strategy and supply chain redesign to unlock savings, improve efficiency, and accelerate unprecedented growth. We shifted the company from a non-existent eCommerce function to the second largest business unit growing both top line sales and profit at multiples greater than other segments of the market and the company.”

Matt Middleton

Interim SVP of Sales and Marketing for a $10MM Grocery/Produce brand

“With my background in produce, I performed a review of the brand positioning, pricing, promotions, and implemented a strategic plan of action to streamline operations and better position the products for placement where the turns are greater and more profitable. This included completion of an RFP and selection of broker representation for Food Service and Retail leveraging Simpactful practitioners for support and preparing the client for the upcoming IFPA Global Produce & Floral Summit in October which will be a catalyst for their renewed growth.”

Jan Grammerstorf

VP of Sales for a DTC start-up

“Using past experiences in CPG, I completed a deep dive into all go-to-market capabilities of the company and developed Where-to-play and How-to-Win Strategies along with the internal critical “must-haves” to execute a successful US omni-channel launch. Using the Simpactful Retailer experts, I was able to propose a price-pack architecture and customized plans by channel and top retailers to deliver incremental margin and category growth. I had direct access to the CEO and Private Equity firm to ensure we delivered a successful launch that drove value creation for investors and retailers.”

Marianne Lingardo

Senior Supply Chain Manager for $50MM CPG

“I provided Operations and Supply Chain leadership and support across customer service, transportation, inventory management, supply planning/product allocation, direct fulfillment startup for Amazon, and warehouse operations after the company experienced several personnel changes/losses in the supply chain area. Deliverables included development of processes for inventory deployment, monthly inventory reconciliation, repack operations, savings with Intermodal transportation, Sales and Ops collaboration, and startup process for new Amazon Direct Fulfillment model. I also contributed to maximizing monthly sales targets while managing product supply issues.”

Tiffany Pratt

National eCommerce Account Manager for a mid-sized Beverage company

“I assisted with a transition to a challenging operational model while building relationships and business for the future. My career experience enabled me to advise the client at a critical resourcing crossroads and to help guide where resources should be focused, and when to invest in more. I was able to share experiences and watch out after working with a larger, more developed company to hopefully set this company up for success and avoid some of the growing pains that can occur in the eCommerce space.”

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