Future Forces from Simpactful Partner and Beauty Industry expert Kevin Otero

In any business, there are a multitude of factors that either impede or improve market share. Simpactful partner and Beauty Industry expert, Kevin Otero, invites leaders to keep abreast of today’s biggest influences in the beauty industry through an inspiring and informative presentation entitled Future Forcesa series of topics relevant to the industry and tailored to a particular audience’s need. Praised for his “real world dynamic scope of knowledge,” according to Sydney Berry, President and Owner of Salon Services North West, Kevin is a practical thought leader who streamlines themes relevant to the Beauty world.

Kevin has identified 18 key areas of Future Forces that are and will continue to reshape the Beauty Industry. They range from changing government regulations, to demographic shifts and changes in consumer expectations, technology disruptors, and the evolving role of sales representative.

Some of the hottest topics of the 18 Future Forces that Kevin gets the most requests to cover are:

Digital Disruptors

How the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile Technology, Robotics, and Apps have changed the beauty landscape.


The evolving purchasing habits of this demographic that soon will be the biggest spending group and how their use of technology and shopping expectations are changing what all consumers expect.

Beauty Specialty

Navigating through the growth of specialty shops like Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and Blue Mercury.

Channel Blurring

Capitalizing on the variety of ways to sell and purchase products and services.


To engage his audiences, Kevin creates small discussion groups to assess opportunities, capabilities, challenges and partnerships to find solutions for greater growth.  To learn more or contact Kevin, please email us at contact@simpactful.com or call 925-234-6394.


“Kevin Otero delivers an eye-opening body of work examining future forces that are impacting the beauty landscape.  If you’re a player in the industry, you need to understand the forces impacting beauty today and in the near term” —Reuben Carranza, President R&CO Luxury Brand Partners



Kevin has spent nearly three decades creating opportunities for growth in over 60 countries. As a former VP at Procter & Gamble, and COO of Salon Professional, he has deep experience in creating turnaround strategies, sales and brand building, distribution networks, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.


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