trade investment planning & ROI

Trade spending is a substantial investment for companies, representing the second-largest line item in a P&L after COGs.  Differentiating trade funds by customer/category and understanding the ROI of those investments is increasingly important as a retailer “asks” have increased and shopper habits have changed for both stores and online.  Simpactful has both experiences in developing principle-based trade spending programs, and a proven data-based methodology to measure the ROI for your investment.

areas of focus

  • Trade Spending benchmarking across 29 companies and 7 retailers
  • Creation of customized trade fund programs with a short and long term focus
  • Return on Investment analysis and recommendations to accelerate strategic, profitable growth
  • Develop improvements in accompanying areas such as customer/channel segmentation, cash discounts, payment terms, bracket pricing, Minimum Advertised Price, and more.

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