scenario planning

scenario planning

Companies have always faced volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity as they navigate and strategize in a highly competitive world. Teams that embrace uncertainty with the mindset of turning threats into opportunities are able to expand existing market spaces, create new solutions to solve for customer needs, and future-proof business with sustainable long-term strategies. Scenario Planning identifies then leverages the certainties and uncertainties of the future to imagine multiple possible worlds that are relevant, plausible, challenging, and divergent to our guiding questions. These worlds provide a stimulus to develop more strategic how to win and where to play choices.

areas of focus

To help our clients confidently get to the best choices (with rationale) for their business, Simpactful created a methodology to uncover different ways the future could evolve

  • Makes the future REAL. It can be very different from today!
  • Deepens and stretches thinking about assumptions, tactics, strategy, contingencies, and opportunities
  • Suggests options and actions consider NOW
  • Landscape scenarios USE and ACKNOWLEDGE uncertainty
  • A proven process to ensure problems and challenges lead to change and action. Scaled to fit any uncertain competitive situation across any diverse industry using any time horizon

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