Retail Execution & Supply Chain

retail execution & supply chain

We deliver proven solutions driven by data, work processes, root cause analyses, retailer-specific knowledge, and CPG/retailer partnerships. We leverage years of expertise and mastery to a) Improve in-store retail execution defined as reduced out-of-stocks, shrink, and better store compliance to improve ROI, and b) deliver E2E supply chain solutions that meet evolving retailer and CPG requirements such as OTIF, eComm, KPI’s and policy enhancements.

areas of focus

  • Experience with start-ups to global CPG companies
  • Mastery of top 10 retailers
  • In stock, shrink & inventory solutions
  • In-store merchandising compliance solutions
  • Sales Agency management & RFP’s.
  • eComm supply chain solutions
  • E2E Value Stream & opportunity assessments
  • OTIF solutions and fine/chargeback reductions
  • Root cause analysis/work process diagnostics
  • Retail and supply chain KPI systems
  • Customer policy development/renewal
    (price bracket, returns, swell, payment terms)
  • Joint retailer/CPG E2E strategy & planning
  • Retail and Supply Org training & capability
  • Daily KPI management & improvement systems

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