brick & mortar

DTC to brick & mortar expansion

Today, many digitally native brands begin successfully as DTC online offerings, but hit a point of diminishing returns for new customer acquisition via digital media alone and seek Bricks & Mortar expansion to facilitate efficient growth. At Simpactful we have used our “Get, Grow, Keep” model combined with our retail and CPG expertise to help numerous well-known DTC brand leaders understand the Bricks & Mortar business model, create compelling pitches to secure new in-store distribution and disproportionate support, and keep distribution over time by creating joint value.

areas of focus

  • Executive Trend Overviews
  • Where to Play / How to Win
  • End to end digital shopper engagement
  • Commerce Assessment, Strategy,
  • Amazon: Success principles and brand audits
  • Direct to Consumer (DTC) and Instant Needs Channel (Last-Mile)
  • Retailer Media 101
  • Brand Store: Training & brand audits
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Organizing for Sustainable Success

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