Brand Restage: Business Modeling, Equity & Innovation

brand restage: business modeling, equity & innovation

At Simpactful, we believe enduring brands must continually create value for consumers, retailers and the business. Whether restaging a brand, creating a new brand or pursuing innovation opportunities, we staff teams of practitioners with the right expertise for the challenge. We use a structured approach to evaluate and define value-creating business models, leverage world-class brand building and innovation frameworks built on the latest insights from cognitive and behavioral science, and facilitate creative processes to generate ownable brand assets and surprisingly obvious innovations and marketing approaches that can be successful in-market.

areas of focus

  • Brand Business Model Evaluation & Optimization
  • Brand Building Framework Capability
  • Brand Restages & Brand Creation
    • Brand Purpose & Equity
    • Brand Identity & Iconic Assets
    • Brand Packaging, Fixturing, In-Store
    • Brand Campaigns
  • Product, service and commercial innovation strategies and big idea workshops
  • Innovation research

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